Sunday, April 15, 2007

~~Garden Update~~

Hi, Thanks to everyone for a lovely St Patrick's Day picnic, 'twas lovely. Here are a few photos Mark took of the games that Annie organised, and great for keeping warm they were too.

The stuff in the garden is growing buck mental at the minute, everything is lush and plentiful. this could also indicate that everything is about to go to seed, so sowing seeds is a priority, so we'll have things to replace plants on their way out.
We're also looking at getting some topsoil to build up beds and improve their water retention. Looks like it's going to be a hot, dry summer...
The neighbours are coming out of the woodwork, though. We had a big dumping incident last month, when people living in one of the flats on Malone Av dumped about 20 binbags worth of household rubbish in the middle of the garden and set it alight. It was an awful pain to get it cleared up, but it seems to have got all the neighbours on our side, cos lots of them have been coming out in the last few days of warm weather to talk to us and say how much they like the garden being here. Some have even started harvesting some herbs for their dinner! Today people from another flat on Malone Av had a big family barbeque out the back, with about 20 peope, young and old. It was great to see people using the space, and smelled good too.
So there's lots of good news. We'll probably have to sort out the compost to reduce the number of flies around, which is silly at the minute, but apart from that all's good. See youse soon for another garden day.

Love, Miriam


Mick said...

What a great project! I wish Belfast had more community gardens (and allotments). I live over in West Belfast were there nothing of this nature. How did you get the permission to use this piece of ground? Lots of luck and I must visit the next time I'm in the area.

miriam said...

Hi mick, you're welcome to visit, watch this space for the next garden day. I'm sure there are opportunities for more gardens in belfast, what do you think?