Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spooky Storytelling!

Spooky storytelling hour in the garden on Friday 31st... Bring a story and a blanket... We'll light a fire and try not to scare ourselves too much... From 430 -6, children welcome.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Eglantine Community Garden
Festive Craft Day
Saturday 7th December 10 -4

                Activities all day!

♥ Festive cards and crafts 1­-3pm
♥ Vegetable Orchestra: workshop all day, with a performance at the end, conducted by the World Famous Thierry Turnip!

♥ Yarn bombing all day
♥ Pruning & taking cuttings workshop:11 -1pm
♥ Wreath making -all day...
♥ Neighbourhood Watch Information

Come one, Come All!        

Eglantine Community  Garden, off Malone road.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gardening again this Saturday...

...from 10 -2. And maybe there'll be a repeat of the chip butties.

Thanks everyone who has helped to date, changes are starting to happen, and lots of neighbours have come out to talk to us and have given positive feedback.

I think the weather is to improve by then... :o)

M x

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More tidying in the garden this Saturday

Hi Everyone, hope you are all well and enjoying the fine weather. Just a reminder that we'll be working on the Eglantine garden again this Saturday 16th from 10 til 2, and would love to see you there. We'll be doing some remodelling in the space, to improve lines of visibility, and also some more general tidying. We'll provide coffee and nibbles, but feel free to bring lunch if you like. we had a great time last time, and made a real difference to the space, so make sure not to miss it!

Cheers, Miriam

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Results of Questionnaire carried out on Saturday...

Visit Facebook to see the results of our Questionnaire... Don't forget to like the page while you're there... :o)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hear-Ye, Hear-Ye!

Upcoming Clean Up Days in Eglantine Garden

Saturday 2nd November, 10am -2pm

Saturday 16th November, 10am -2pm

After a bit of a hiatus the gang are ready to put a bit more love into Eglantine garden, helped by a grant from the council. There are some exciting garden events planned for over the winter, but before that we need to get the place ship(-ish) shape, will you help us?

Refreshments provided, meet in the garden, your participation greatly appreciated!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Some activities coming up in Eglantine (finally...)

Holy Guacalmole, the council said they's give us some money to do a clean up in Eglantine, do a bit of outreach, awareness raising and community safety work and have some lovely events in the garden, how's about that!?! :O) Watch this blog for more spicy details...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Clean up soon...

Hi everyone...

Well, it has been quiet recently in the Eglantine Garden, but I'd be excited to meet up there sometime and do a bit of a clear out, just like the good old days, pick up beer bottles and sit on bricks to drink tea. Anyone else game? How about Saturday 16th of March. let me know if you can make it, or have any requests, on eglantine community garden ...@googlemail,com.
(I've totally mangled that address to avoid spammers, you'll have to put it back together again using your ingenuity ;o)

PS there has been a bit of a change in the garden, a fence has been put around one of the plots which is an interesting development. You'll see what I mean when you get there. So there'll be plently to talk about :o)


Monday, May 28, 2012

We'll be having a garden day on Saturday 9th June, from 2pm til 6 or so. Hope you can join us. we'll be doing some tidying and weeding, as well as looking at a possible project with a local youth group making something with the clay in the garden.

Bring a drink with you, and a sunhat if we're still lucky enough to be enjoying good weather. Hope to see you there :o)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garden day and healthy economies talk

Come along to Garden Day this month at the Eglantine Community Garden! Sunday 15th April from 1pm -4pm

General pottering and gardening and wildlife observation from 1pm, followed by a talk by esteemed colleague Phillip Allen on 'Healthy Economies' at 3pm.

Bring tea and your own seat if you don't want to sit on the grass. We will provide biscuits and limited seating.

See you there :o)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garden Day

Garden Day Saturday 30th April, from 11am! See you there... M

Friday, March 25, 2011

Planting potatos tomorrow

Hi Everyone, see you at potato planting at the garden tomorrow from 11am until about 3pm. We'll have a picnic lunch if the weather's nice so bring some food if you can. We'll also do some tidying up and maybe some work on the fences. Hope to see you there.

Here's a poem someone sent me...

The Summer Palace

Make a little garden in your pocket.
Plant your cuffs with radishes and rocket.
Let a passion fruit crawl up your thigh.
Grow some oregano in your fly.

Make a steamy compost of your fears.
Trickle irrigate your life with tears.
Let your troubled mind become a trellis.
Turn your heart into a summer palace.

Michael Leunig.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Here are a few photos from my visit to Birchfields Forest garden in Manchester. The first is of their Medlar tree, the second shows a tough ground cover strawberry that doesn't mind being walked on, and the third a wide view.
One thing I'm coming to understand is that forest gardens aren't dense and shady as you might imagine a regular forest might be. Rather they mimic young growth forest, in an ealy stage of succession, which is when they are most biodiverse, I think. Ordered Martin Crawford's 'How to make a Forest Garden', exciting, and we're ordering trees to be delivered from England (can't seem to find the dwarf varieties we want on this island, any hints anyone?). One thing is that the woody bit in Eglantine is already quite shady, so it could be that all our species will have to be shade tolerant, which is ok, but just limits us a bit more, but sure that's the craic of the thing. Stay tuned for details of a planting day. I will perhaps get around to turning the medlar picture round sometime soon also ;oj

Friday, October 29, 2010

It's strange and wonderful, I'm blogging from my seat on a ferry crossing the Irish Sea...

Going on a trip to see birchfields forest garden near Manchester.

D'ye reckon eglantine could have a forest garden? :o)

I'll let you all know how I get on.

m x

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Whaaaat's been happening in the garden? 

A picture of the garden in the sunshine earlier this year. I'm afraid I haven't been active at all in the garden this year, other things kinda got in the way. I'm told other people have been there plenty, so I hope everyone feels free to wander over when they feel like it. We'll have a garden day on the 14th of August, from 11 -3, with tidying, and some nibbles and some craic. Hope you can make it along.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

New herb bed.

A photo of the new Wildflower and Herb bed Ruth and the gang made the other day.

Note the new and groovy graffiti in the background. :o)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wall Fixing

Hi, just a short note to say we'll be meeting at the garden this Saturday 8st May from 11am to make some more progress with fixing our old red brick wall. Come along to help and hang out. M

....Update... Wonderful Wall fixing guys! Go Team!!...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January updates

Hi everyone, hope youse are all cosy and easing into 2010 ok. Just to let you know about some garden things:

We will finish repairing the Victorian brick wall in the garden this spring, hopefully in February, but we're waiting for some good weather. We'll probably do the work on a Saturday, and will probably do it on short notice, as we want to be sure the weather is suitable. But when that happens we'll send out the call, so if you're interested in bricklaying, victorian architecture or just want to be involved, watch out for that message!

A group of traders from St George's market are developing a cookbook to celebrate the market and its place in Belfast society. The Community Garden has been asked to contribute a recipe or two or a poem to the book. Can you think of any special memory that links the two places? I'd thought of the garden tradition that we plant our spuds on St Patrick's day and harvest them on 12th July, thought that could fit in nicely somehow. If you have thoughts or want to be involved let me know.

There are a few gardening workshops in the pipeline for beginner gardeners, and when I have details I'll let you know. In the meantime if you want any pointers on where to get started at this time of year, either in your garden plot or at home, just give me a shout.
See email address at the side of this page, and let me know if you'd like to be on our mailing list.
<---- <-----

All the best, hopefully see you in the garden over the coming season :o)

Miriam and everyone at ECG

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Garden Pub Quiz

Don't miss the
2nd Biennial Eglantine Community Garden Pub Quiz!

Join in the antics to win Outrageous Prizes!
All proceeds to buy Tools and Seeds for the Eglantine Community Garden in South Belfast.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 8:00 PM

John Hewitt pub
51 Donegall Street

Monday, September 21, 2009

You are invited to watch, visit or take part in Artistic Interventions in the Eglantine Neighbourhood.
1st and 2nd October 2009
On the 1st and 2nd of October from 2-6pm, 8 young emerging artists will realise public art projects in and around the garden. They are all students of the Masters programme Art in Public at the University of Ulster. They were invited by FIX09 to realise some temporary art projects. They chose the neighbourhood around the Eglantine Garden to locate their activities.

FIX09 is an international Performance Art Festival that takes place every 2 years in Belfast. This year the festival focuses on participation.Link

For more information visit
For a programme of events please see the comment attached to this post. (Below)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

20June 2009-Community Garden Tour in Belfast

The Belfast Green Spaces Bus Tour was a great success altogether, and thanks to everyone who took part. With buses and drivers donated from the National Trust and CVNI, we toured 5 urban food projects in the South Belfast area alone! Beginning at the Eglantine Community Garden Project off the Malone Road, the 25 travellers heard about the projects beginnings, adventures and hopes for the future. Moving on the the Community Garden at Minnowburn National Trust office, everyone was delighted by the picturesque gardens, which were impressively only a year old. After a sunny lunch and chat with fellow enthusiasts, we visited CVNI's garden at Knockbracken Healthcare Park, and heard about their dedicated local volunteers, and about their "Dig it and eat it" programme. On arrival at the Belfast City Council Annadale Allotments we were shown around by an allotmenteer, and had lots of fun packing into a tiny shed to hear the allotment gossip. The allotments are beautiful, and a good example of a mature site, from a horticultural and community point of view. Finally we called by the Blythefield allotments in the Village, which is a lovely site, with lots of spare spaces going free!
In the evening we shared food and discussed possible future actions for people interested in community and food green space in Belfast. If you're interested, let us know!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Garden Play

Well, it would be rude not to put something in about Kristiina's gorgeous play. It brought a tear to my eye, it really did. Monologues from 'gardeners' talking about their reasons for being involved were followed by a dramatic chopping of salad from the garden, which was later doled out to spectators. :o) But the nicest bit was the story between a guy and girl, who are getting to know each other, and decide that the garden is the best place to do it. It was amazing!
PS Kristiina, I have your suitcase!

Bee Story

I'm sure someone else could write up this story better than me, but we had some miner bees, or ground nesting bees living in the garden last month. Lindsay had to give up her plot cos they'd taken up residence, and Alex helpfully made a sign to warn people. Stephanie from RSPB organised their wildlife gardening campaign from the gardeen, and lovely etymologist Robert from Queen's came and gave us a lovely couple of hours of jumping about the garden identifying 5 differnt species, and even caught one and got us to smell it! Diff bees smell different apparently, and they tickle your nose endearingly while you're smelling them. Thierry told a bee joke and everyone went home happy.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Work on the community garden is still going well, and the garden's getting prettier all the time. We're having regular workdays every Saturday from 10 -2 now, at least for the rest of the Summer, so come along if you're interested (map below). Or you can email to check what's happening on any particular Saturday.

There'll be a performance in the garden this Monday 25th May from 8pm, all about the garden and the people who use it. Come and join the audience!

Love Miriam

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hello everyone, and thanks so much for your help at the garden day on Saturday. I really enjoyed it, the sun, the food, the people...
The Raspberry bed before........and after!

The raspberries in the new raspberry bed are looking great. And all the tidying has helped get the place ready for summer.
One of the compost bins is missing, not sure where it's gone. Apparently some people had a bonfire during the week and got a bit carried away ("make it a BIG fire, make it BIIG!!!), so it might have been burnt then. but the other lonely bin is still there. We're planning new compost bins, to be installed sometime this year, and hopefully they will be more permanent.
We're planning the next garden day for 10am -2pm Saturday 2nd May (though if anyone's heading to the Mayday march in town there will probably still be people in the garden until 4 tidying up).
We'll be working on the new (very small) "starter plots" for people wanting to start growing their own in the garden. So anyone who is interested in coming along and working on their own bit of ground is welcome.
If you want to be on the regular events list, mail

Love and luck, Miriam

Monday, March 23, 2009

Design Workshop results

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your hard work and contributions at the Garden design workshop last weekend, it was really inspiring.

I'd like to propose a date to set up the association. **This meeting has been postponed until wednesday 29th April at 7pm**

Here's a flavour of the ideas we produced...

~Permanant Fire pit
~Evergreens to shade out rubbish
~Fence untidy bits
~Shrub sculptures
~Big rocks for seats
~Keep the brambles! good for blackberries
~Water collection along the top of the wall
~Plant into nooks in wall
~Abandoned christmas tree sanctuary
~random seed bombs
~have a stage on the concrete
~Have bbq or compost facilities on concrete
~Have a weather station or weather vane
~rainwater collection
~Recycling bins
~Non flamable seats
~Bird feeder
~Bird bath
~cement shells into walls
~plant for the birds
~concrete seating
~project (films for eg) onto concrete walls
~have a classroom area
~ask a school to sponsor an area
~have a "tasting station" bed
~Sinage: welcome
~Arch over the alleyways, in iron
~info board
~paint alleyways a brighter colour
~have planters along alleyway
~have seats in the sun
~Poss in future when site is more secure have a polytunnel
~wheelchair access
~biodiversity areas
~compost area
~...or just a sign saying there's cctv?
~Tarp/sheltered area
~notice board informing of work to be done
~sign posts
~contact info
~reflexology path
~chainsaw art
~story board with history of garden
~Ask Housing exec or council to provide a regular skip
~trim trail for people exercising
~logs as stepping stones for kids
~music events
~backing board behind "stage"
~security light at each end
~pond in bit that's already dipped
~seats and fire in centre
~willow fence by carpark
~wildflowers near the house of the neighbour who would look after them
~compost near concrete, shielded by orchard
~shed for tools on concrete
~publicised grafitti wall, painted over every month for fresh art
~keep spirit of garden, not too hyped up
~Keep relaxed and not over publicised
~smell and touch things for disabled people
~appropriate signs "enjoy the garden, but treat it well..." etc
~Get schools to donate bird feeders from their woodwork classes
~dedicate trees to different groups in the area
~Have mural to depict different groups in area, young, old etc
~Snake path or hopscotch path
~pond with fishes for kids to feed
~Easter trail for kids with hidden choc eggs
~get schools to plant flowers, with plaques to say who planted them
~Water pipes to collect water to water beds
~Swings and slides for kids
~Less obvious things for kids to climb on
~Flowers for bees
~Colour in the garden
~Spring bulbs
~Fence in trees with the willow, rather than a straight line fence
~Round flower bed near carparkto demarkate space rather than straight fence
~low maintenance flowers
~Only light alleyways, let garden stay dark, for insects, lovers, astronomers and people who like sitting under trees in the dark
~Seating on concrete
~Mural or tiles in concrete
~logs for seating
~Don't have too many seats, nice to sit on grass
~Have a mowed strip between concrete path and trees to make it look tended
~Enchanted evenings in the garden
~Cut out willow
~mow grass
~Take out ivy, birds or no birds
~Rapberry bed
~Veg beds all along wall
~Replace goat willow with fruit trees

Phew! and lots more.
Love Miriam

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Compost facilities in Eglantine community Garden

Just to let you know that the compost bins are now accessable, after a few weeks of them being covered by a partial wall collapse. There's still a bit of work left to do to get the garden in pristine condition for summer. Happy composting!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The people have the power...well so far!

After the positive South Belfast news article regarding the garden and our concerns about the parking vehicles we are to be meeting with Anna Lo!!!! This Frida, many of us (to fit into her office) are invited to come and speak our views, ideas and basically put forth what we would like her to do!! and the ideas that she has for us!.
I am really happy and grateful to have gained this opportunity to speak with Anna and hope that we can set in stone a garden protection policy!

Over and out

Will let you know how it goes if you are not making it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

So it has been a quiet summer in the Garden, but there have been things happening all the same. The kids who are the primary inhabitants of the garden nowadays learned to pick blackcurrants and raspberies, so we kissed goodbye to that crop ;o)
There was, however, a great crop of potatoes, and herbs, especially earlier in the year.
I spoke to one of the landlords who own one of the strips of land that comprise the garden, and while the conversation was not as fruitful as I hoped she gave temporary verbal permission for us to be there.
We're working on coming up with articles of association, so that we can get a bank account for the garden. There are two possible funding sources that we could apply to for money to buy some of the land. Let me know if you've experience in funding applications!
We had an article in the South Belfast News, which was sympathetic. I didn't agree with some of what they wrote, and they made up some of the quotes attributed to us, but I looked ok in the photo, so...
We've got lots of positive feedback from local people who say they appreciate the garden and who use it. That's the main thing, ay?
We have a meeting coming up with Alliance MLA Anna Lo, when we'll discuss the garden and see if there's any help she can give us. We'll have a discussion beforehand about our plans for the garden, on Fri the 26th Sept, so let me know if you can make it (see email address on left).
If you'd like to blog on this site about the garden let me know too!
Love Miriam

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wow! Summer is really here. Please feel free to visit the garden, sit in the sun, tidy up, pick herbs, use the compost bins or watch the wildlife. Whatever makes you happy!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

St Paddy's Day Picnic

The great annual St. Patrick's Day Picnic! Starting at 3 on monday the 17th (despite the pope's reshuffling of the date;o)), but if you want to help set up come for 1pm. Bring barbeque-able food and whatever else you like. The weather forecast says it's going to be sunny! m:o)

See below for a map.

Monday, January 28, 2008

70 metres of path dug! Wow, you guys are amazing!!

Path FILLING IN to occur this sat, see here for more details.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Path Digging photos

Photos from Saturday

Here are the best of the pics from Saturday. See below for a write up on the day. Everyone welcome for another day of digging this coming Saturday 26th Jan, 10am -4pm.
Bring good shoes, warm clothes and work gloves if you have them!
And now for the pics:

Emma's Reflections on Path Digging Day Number 1!

I wanted to write a little about today, as way of reflection so here goes.

I really had a fantastic afternoon thanks to an email from a friend Miriam. Today I visited and helped to dig a pathway at the Eglantine Community Garden (or the “Anarchist Plot” Community Garden). It was my first visit, so I wasn’t even sure when I left my home in the West if I would find it. Directions from the blogsite did help.

SO I arrived with a spade my father had lent me, ‘workie’ gloves and boots and a supply of food in my rucksack. There I found my fellow digging mates enjoying a cup of real coffee. Good start I thought. A strange site, picture this, three souls sitting on plastic summer seats, spades and wheel barrows and lots of dirt and surrounded on all sides by back walls of imposing buildings. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but a fully fledged garden ornamental walled garden it was not. However, there was a definite sense that what I saw in front of me was the accumulated work of many people over time, four years as it turned out. The area behind Eglantine Avenue or behind Malone Avenue, depending on your method of approach, is a treasure of discovery.

Gerard, Miriam and Darren had already dug a substantial way on the proposed pathway through the plot. After coffee Miriam gave me a guided tour, pointing out willow, blackcurrant, a new apple tree, strawberries in raised beds….with each new discovery I was filled with joy and delight. When you first enter the garden it looks like a jumbled mess, but on closer examination it is incredible to note just what is living and thriving there.

Spade in hand, we progressed with the path, moving earth and leaving a tunnel to be filled in with hard core and stones in later weeks. Others joined the fun Budu, and lovely Doris.

I shared such a lovely moment with Budu who is from Nepal. He has been here for six months and has a sister here in Belfast and a brother in Nepal. I was using dad’s spade with glee and he was coming after and scooping up the dark brown dirt mixed with terracotta red bricks into the wheelbarrow. He began to hum, so I asked him to sing. He agreed and then paused, gently leaning on the shaft of the spade, then began singing in Nepali. What a lovely lilt. Obviously I no idea what the lyrics meant. But hey, to be sung to on a cold January day warmed my sense of delight in being alive and in the moment.

There were so many other highlights, but here are a few:

  • Darren finding a buried jumper: uncovered it looked like an A-level art project-definitely art darling!

  • Discovering that Gerard has an allotment near where I live, and that he is looking for help/or to allow me to use part of it!! Im SOO excited

  • Watching 4 year old little girl dressed in pink boots holding a small shovel reminding us that she loves ballet.

  • Realising that Doris and I had already made a connection via email- small world.

  • LUNCH- at 3pm. Eating and talking around a wooden table, sharing food and appreciating food, followed by a whisky coffee.

  • Mirko, Phillip and Valerie joining us- the German contingent which reminded me of time in Portugal on the land there- everywhere I go I meet fantastically skilled Germans

I have to say I would recommend that others come down, next week in fact. More digging and path preparation to be done. From 10-4pm.The welcome was super, meeting new people with similar interests in the outdoors, social and physical transformation, gardening, creating and cooking! Wow! The added benefit of the physical exercise is not to be underestimated. I felt so good afterwards that I am bursting to tell others.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thanks to everyone who supported the garden path fundraiser in october. We raised £150, and we're now planning a work day to dig the paths, probably sometime in december.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Garden Day 30th Sept

so the plan is to remove one of the beds, to take out half of the willows and to build up the beds at the back of the garden. Phillip is delivering some compost for us. The idea is to end up with a lawn at one end of the garden where people can sit and enjoy the garden without having to hack through the undergrowth. I hope you all can make it to help our remodelling!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Garden Path Pub Quiz
The John Hewitt
7pm, Thursday 18th October

We’re raising money to construct paths in Eglantine Community Garden in South Belfast. Teams can be formed on the night, for General Knowledge, Gardening and Music rounds, with plenty of space for chat inbetween. There'll be a raffle and some info on the garden and our plans. Hope to see everyone there :o)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

~~Garden Update~~

Hi, Thanks to everyone for a lovely St Patrick's Day picnic, 'twas lovely. Here are a few photos Mark took of the games that Annie organised, and great for keeping warm they were too.

The stuff in the garden is growing buck mental at the minute, everything is lush and plentiful. this could also indicate that everything is about to go to seed, so sowing seeds is a priority, so we'll have things to replace plants on their way out.
We're also looking at getting some topsoil to build up beds and improve their water retention. Looks like it's going to be a hot, dry summer...
The neighbours are coming out of the woodwork, though. We had a big dumping incident last month, when people living in one of the flats on Malone Av dumped about 20 binbags worth of household rubbish in the middle of the garden and set it alight. It was an awful pain to get it cleared up, but it seems to have got all the neighbours on our side, cos lots of them have been coming out in the last few days of warm weather to talk to us and say how much they like the garden being here. Some have even started harvesting some herbs for their dinner! Today people from another flat on Malone Av had a big family barbeque out the back, with about 20 peope, young and old. It was great to see people using the space, and smelled good too.
So there's lots of good news. We'll probably have to sort out the compost to reduce the number of flies around, which is silly at the minute, but apart from that all's good. See youse soon for another garden day.

Love, Miriam

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Growing for life

Visit the Northern Ireland Environment Link to download the "Growing for Life" directory, which is a guide to community and small scale food production and distribution in NI. EgComGarden is in there too! (follow the link and scroll down to directories to find "Growing for Life")

Come to the Garden Day on Saturday 17th March. The garden has been growing wild over the winter, so there's lots to do. You could sow some seeds now to plant out for St Patrick's Day! See the post below for more details.

Garden Day!

Hello everyone, please put a big gigantic sign up on your fridge in your kitchen to remind you about the

COMMUNITY GARDEN DAY -Saturday 17th March!!!

Some details are still to be confirmed, but we'll be kicking off at 1.30pm and finishing at 430. There will be yummy food and lots of sunshine, i know cos i'm in direct contact with god. OK, I do know that there will be a chance to plant whatever seedlings you've been bringing on, so if you were meaning to sow something, get it going now and it'll be ready by Paddy's day. There will also be a seed swop, so you can bring along whatever seeds you have too many of, and take home some of the ones I have too many of. There will also hopefully be a weed identification quiz, and some sign making.
Hope to see you there, to welcome in the spring. Get back to me with any suggestions or ideas for activities...
Love Miriam

Monday, August 28, 2006

Hi, I wanted to give an update on things in the garden.
1. Practical stuff: There's loads of food in the garden at the minute ready to eat, so please call round and harvest some on your way home to dinner. Things that are most abundant are: Potatoes, in the big bed at the back, Lettuce in the bean bed at the back, and parsley dotted everywhere. If you wanted a job to do there's lots of litter, and docks which have gotten really big and could be weeded out. The raspberry canes need cut back, if you have a pair of sccateurs.

2. The next Garden day is this Sunday, and apart from food, any tools you can bring along for the day would be appreciated. Especially sacceteurs, a garden fork, a slap hook and a spare spade. We have spades already, but we had a idea we might dig some of the raised beds into the ground, so extras will be useful.

3. We are hopefully going to be included in a map of community gardens and organic producers in Northern Ireland, which is being compiled by NI Environment Link. I'll keep youse updated.

4. I'm going to be contacting people about a strategy meeting for the Garden sometime soon. It has been suggested that this meeting is small, for the "hard core" gardeners, as smaller meetings are easier to make concrete progress in. Let me know if you'd like to be regularly involved in the garden via a comment to this post.

Thanks lots, Hope to see youse all on Sunday.

LOVE! Mims xx

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Come help in our Community Garden !

On the 3rd of September (Sunday) we'll be having another gathering in the garden, (see below for map), and would love to see you there. Come help turn compost, prune fruit bushes, cut weeds, pick rubbish, make tea or just sit and chat. Bring sensible shoes, and tools you can carry and a bite to eat and to share, if you can.

We'll probably start at 2pm and wind it up around 7, although if anyone wants to stay and tend a fire, you're more than welcome.

Lots of love, Miriam

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Garden day 13th Aug

Quick heads up that there's a garden work/ play day on the 13th of august, from 2pm probably. Bring food to share. Love to see you there, whatever you are......

(see map below)


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

hi, here are just a few of the photos taken a the garden party last sunday. i'll hopefully be uploading some more soon. thanks to everyone for a lovely day.

a pretty wallflower discovered by annie

dock leaves at one of the entrances to the garden
broom pods

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hi, looking forward to seeing yiz all at eglantine community garden tomorrow. We'll be gettting together between 3 and 7 tomorrow, and there's some talk of a fire and music later on. fingers crossed it's sunny!

The garden is off the malone road, near queens university in south belfast.

Friday, June 02, 2006


apple blossom, (Orleans Reinette), May 06

daisies, May 06

Monday, May 29, 2006

Loadsa babies.

Lorraine with funny shaped potatos, August 05.

Inviting You to a Summer Garden Party!

@ Eglantine Community Garden.
(Between Eglantine Avenue and Malone Avenue off the Malone Road)
From 3pm til 7pm on Sunday 11th June.

Feel free to contribute cucumber sandwiches and fairy cakes!

Bring any vegetable seeds you would like to sow in the vegetable beds or flower seeds you would like to scatter artistically about!

Love to see you there!
Eglantine Community Gardeners