Sunday, September 21, 2008

So it has been a quiet summer in the Garden, but there have been things happening all the same. The kids who are the primary inhabitants of the garden nowadays learned to pick blackcurrants and raspberies, so we kissed goodbye to that crop ;o)
There was, however, a great crop of potatoes, and herbs, especially earlier in the year.
I spoke to one of the landlords who own one of the strips of land that comprise the garden, and while the conversation was not as fruitful as I hoped she gave temporary verbal permission for us to be there.
We're working on coming up with articles of association, so that we can get a bank account for the garden. There are two possible funding sources that we could apply to for money to buy some of the land. Let me know if you've experience in funding applications!
We had an article in the South Belfast News, which was sympathetic. I didn't agree with some of what they wrote, and they made up some of the quotes attributed to us, but I looked ok in the photo, so...
We've got lots of positive feedback from local people who say they appreciate the garden and who use it. That's the main thing, ay?
We have a meeting coming up with Alliance MLA Anna Lo, when we'll discuss the garden and see if there's any help she can give us. We'll have a discussion beforehand about our plans for the garden, on Fri the 26th Sept, so let me know if you can make it (see email address on left).
If you'd like to blog on this site about the garden let me know too!
Love Miriam

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