Sunday, June 28, 2009

20June 2009-Community Garden Tour in Belfast

The Belfast Green Spaces Bus Tour was a great success altogether, and thanks to everyone who took part. With buses and drivers donated from the National Trust and CVNI, we toured 5 urban food projects in the South Belfast area alone! Beginning at the Eglantine Community Garden Project off the Malone Road, the 25 travellers heard about the projects beginnings, adventures and hopes for the future. Moving on the the Community Garden at Minnowburn National Trust office, everyone was delighted by the picturesque gardens, which were impressively only a year old. After a sunny lunch and chat with fellow enthusiasts, we visited CVNI's garden at Knockbracken Healthcare Park, and heard about their dedicated local volunteers, and about their "Dig it and eat it" programme. On arrival at the Belfast City Council Annadale Allotments we were shown around by an allotmenteer, and had lots of fun packing into a tiny shed to hear the allotment gossip. The allotments are beautiful, and a good example of a mature site, from a horticultural and community point of view. Finally we called by the Blythefield allotments in the Village, which is a lovely site, with lots of spare spaces going free!
In the evening we shared food and discussed possible future actions for people interested in community and food green space in Belfast. If you're interested, let us know!

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