Thursday, January 21, 2010

January updates

Hi everyone, hope youse are all cosy and easing into 2010 ok. Just to let you know about some garden things:

We will finish repairing the Victorian brick wall in the garden this spring, hopefully in February, but we're waiting for some good weather. We'll probably do the work on a Saturday, and will probably do it on short notice, as we want to be sure the weather is suitable. But when that happens we'll send out the call, so if you're interested in bricklaying, victorian architecture or just want to be involved, watch out for that message!

A group of traders from St George's market are developing a cookbook to celebrate the market and its place in Belfast society. The Community Garden has been asked to contribute a recipe or two or a poem to the book. Can you think of any special memory that links the two places? I'd thought of the garden tradition that we plant our spuds on St Patrick's day and harvest them on 12th July, thought that could fit in nicely somehow. If you have thoughts or want to be involved let me know.

There are a few gardening workshops in the pipeline for beginner gardeners, and when I have details I'll let you know. In the meantime if you want any pointers on where to get started at this time of year, either in your garden plot or at home, just give me a shout.
See email address at the side of this page, and let me know if you'd like to be on our mailing list.
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All the best, hopefully see you in the garden over the coming season :o)

Miriam and everyone at ECG

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Anonymous said...

Hi Miriam,
Thanks for your PM via the permaculture forum. This all looks very interesting. Pop me on your mailing list - I may not be able to be all that helpful, but I'd love to drop in sometime and see what's going on. (I could perhaps donate a few slips of this or that too.... )
Best wishes