Monday, August 28, 2006

Hi, I wanted to give an update on things in the garden.
1. Practical stuff: There's loads of food in the garden at the minute ready to eat, so please call round and harvest some on your way home to dinner. Things that are most abundant are: Potatoes, in the big bed at the back, Lettuce in the bean bed at the back, and parsley dotted everywhere. If you wanted a job to do there's lots of litter, and docks which have gotten really big and could be weeded out. The raspberry canes need cut back, if you have a pair of sccateurs.

2. The next Garden day is this Sunday, and apart from food, any tools you can bring along for the day would be appreciated. Especially sacceteurs, a garden fork, a slap hook and a spare spade. We have spades already, but we had a idea we might dig some of the raised beds into the ground, so extras will be useful.

3. We are hopefully going to be included in a map of community gardens and organic producers in Northern Ireland, which is being compiled by NI Environment Link. I'll keep youse updated.

4. I'm going to be contacting people about a strategy meeting for the Garden sometime soon. It has been suggested that this meeting is small, for the "hard core" gardeners, as smaller meetings are easier to make concrete progress in. Let me know if you'd like to be regularly involved in the garden via a comment to this post.

Thanks lots, Hope to see youse all on Sunday.

LOVE! Mims xx

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