Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Garden Day!

Hello everyone, please put a big gigantic sign up on your fridge in your kitchen to remind you about the

COMMUNITY GARDEN DAY -Saturday 17th March!!!

Some details are still to be confirmed, but we'll be kicking off at 1.30pm and finishing at 430. There will be yummy food and lots of sunshine, i know cos i'm in direct contact with god. OK, I do know that there will be a chance to plant whatever seedlings you've been bringing on, so if you were meaning to sow something, get it going now and it'll be ready by Paddy's day. There will also be a seed swop, so you can bring along whatever seeds you have too many of, and take home some of the ones I have too many of. There will also hopefully be a weed identification quiz, and some sign making.
Hope to see you there, to welcome in the spring. Get back to me with any suggestions or ideas for activities...
Love Miriam

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