Monday, March 23, 2009

Design Workshop results

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your hard work and contributions at the Garden design workshop last weekend, it was really inspiring.

I'd like to propose a date to set up the association. **This meeting has been postponed until wednesday 29th April at 7pm**

Here's a flavour of the ideas we produced...

~Permanant Fire pit
~Evergreens to shade out rubbish
~Fence untidy bits
~Shrub sculptures
~Big rocks for seats
~Keep the brambles! good for blackberries
~Water collection along the top of the wall
~Plant into nooks in wall
~Abandoned christmas tree sanctuary
~random seed bombs
~have a stage on the concrete
~Have bbq or compost facilities on concrete
~Have a weather station or weather vane
~rainwater collection
~Recycling bins
~Non flamable seats
~Bird feeder
~Bird bath
~cement shells into walls
~plant for the birds
~concrete seating
~project (films for eg) onto concrete walls
~have a classroom area
~ask a school to sponsor an area
~have a "tasting station" bed
~Sinage: welcome
~Arch over the alleyways, in iron
~info board
~paint alleyways a brighter colour
~have planters along alleyway
~have seats in the sun
~Poss in future when site is more secure have a polytunnel
~wheelchair access
~biodiversity areas
~compost area
~...or just a sign saying there's cctv?
~Tarp/sheltered area
~notice board informing of work to be done
~sign posts
~contact info
~reflexology path
~chainsaw art
~story board with history of garden
~Ask Housing exec or council to provide a regular skip
~trim trail for people exercising
~logs as stepping stones for kids
~music events
~backing board behind "stage"
~security light at each end
~pond in bit that's already dipped
~seats and fire in centre
~willow fence by carpark
~wildflowers near the house of the neighbour who would look after them
~compost near concrete, shielded by orchard
~shed for tools on concrete
~publicised grafitti wall, painted over every month for fresh art
~keep spirit of garden, not too hyped up
~Keep relaxed and not over publicised
~smell and touch things for disabled people
~appropriate signs "enjoy the garden, but treat it well..." etc
~Get schools to donate bird feeders from their woodwork classes
~dedicate trees to different groups in the area
~Have mural to depict different groups in area, young, old etc
~Snake path or hopscotch path
~pond with fishes for kids to feed
~Easter trail for kids with hidden choc eggs
~get schools to plant flowers, with plaques to say who planted them
~Water pipes to collect water to water beds
~Swings and slides for kids
~Less obvious things for kids to climb on
~Flowers for bees
~Colour in the garden
~Spring bulbs
~Fence in trees with the willow, rather than a straight line fence
~Round flower bed near carparkto demarkate space rather than straight fence
~low maintenance flowers
~Only light alleyways, let garden stay dark, for insects, lovers, astronomers and people who like sitting under trees in the dark
~Seating on concrete
~Mural or tiles in concrete
~logs for seating
~Don't have too many seats, nice to sit on grass
~Have a mowed strip between concrete path and trees to make it look tended
~Enchanted evenings in the garden
~Cut out willow
~mow grass
~Take out ivy, birds or no birds
~Rapberry bed
~Veg beds all along wall
~Replace goat willow with fruit trees

Phew! and lots more.
Love Miriam

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