Friday, April 24, 2009

Hello everyone, and thanks so much for your help at the garden day on Saturday. I really enjoyed it, the sun, the food, the people...
The Raspberry bed before........and after!

The raspberries in the new raspberry bed are looking great. And all the tidying has helped get the place ready for summer.
One of the compost bins is missing, not sure where it's gone. Apparently some people had a bonfire during the week and got a bit carried away ("make it a BIG fire, make it BIIG!!!), so it might have been burnt then. but the other lonely bin is still there. We're planning new compost bins, to be installed sometime this year, and hopefully they will be more permanent.
We're planning the next garden day for 10am -2pm Saturday 2nd May (though if anyone's heading to the Mayday march in town there will probably still be people in the garden until 4 tidying up).
We'll be working on the new (very small) "starter plots" for people wanting to start growing their own in the garden. So anyone who is interested in coming along and working on their own bit of ground is welcome.
If you want to be on the regular events list, mail

Love and luck, Miriam

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